How to use NFC on Google Nexus 7

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A few mouths ago, you may see news through nearly all the website when Google Nexus 7 release and there is review for Nexus 7. And now it finally calm down now. I know one of them may waiting Apple new iPad, but there is still need to share some tips for Google Nexus 7. ?And this post will shows you a guide on how to use NFC on Google Nexus 7.

First, let’s learn more about what is NFC.?NFC,, short for Near Field Communication, which is essentially the evolution of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allowing NFC enabled devices to communicate with each other via radio communication. The good news is the Nexus 7 is an NFC enabled device. NFC is still gaining momentum, but the future is likely to see the growth of NFC wallets, amongst other things that don’t even exist yet, which soon we will have a use for!

how to use NFC on Google Nexus 7

Want to share something with your Nexus 7, maybe it’s an app, website or even a YouTube video. All you have to do is place both devices back to back, wait for the noise, click beam and ‘hey presto’ your Nexus 7 will receive the content. It really is that simple. If you have access to another device that is NFC enabled, give it a try. Before you do, make sure you have turned on the NFC option. To do this go to your Nexus 7 and access ‘Wireless & Networks’, via Settings and check the NFC box. Do the same on the other device.


Just remember, NFC will not help you share everything you want like music and movie. Here is a video shows you how to use NFC, if you didnot understand it from the above description.

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