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4 technology leader think about Tablet PC trend

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1 Dave Lifu Sen , Postling CEO

Supports Airplay TV + iTunes + iPad. Soon  iPad will act as a TV remote control, you can change the channel and watch a different channel , but also to communicate with Facebook friends in real time programming experience. Now is the era of one client , but does not realize is that the only “cloud ” Client popular, such as flat-panel iMac trend the first time combined the same chassis and the monitor , and now we poor is a ” cloud” display.

2. MG Siegler blog and venture capitalists think Microsoft Surface arrested on a flat trend, but Surface Keyboard Cover inhibited only in the long term , I have to rethink how to solve this problem input method , rather than Microsoft Win 8 and Surface Optimization as the old brought something new to look inside . The gesture control is the direction I am currently most interested .

3.Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac author

I think the future lies flat touch tablet currently 200,000 applications and Web applications , but you do not much on the plate , not just edit the next video , send a message , do the next PPT presentation , future tablet should be notebook can perform complex functions in the next 5-7 years , tablet size will increase to 15-17 inches, so a larger screen size will be able to support a more powerful, more complex applications.
4.Tim Stevens, Engadget senior editor

Last year I talked to combine traditional desktop and mobile , from the Microsoft Surface view, it is ready to sacrifice the desktop to facilitate the evolution of the plate , but the plate of the future may be transparent. Like Google Glass has proved impossible possible authenticity, we no longer need to manage multiple data multiple devices , but directly see the data , but to buy a tablet device is not like buying a car , like a buy an infinite potential taps.

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The HTC HD7 Delivers Outstanding Features

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In an effort to showcase the current Windows Phone 7 operating program made by Microsoft, HTC has launched a number of new smartphone models. Every one of them is impressive, as is HTC HD7 which consists of quite a few impressive characteristics to enchant individuals with regards to entertainment, productivity and connectivity.


Measuring 122 x 68 x 11.2 mm, the HTC HD7 is a rather compact model, but nonetheless it might completely match a large S-LCD capacitive touch screen (4.3 inch) around the front in the phone. Having a show of as much as 16 million colours, it can be just great for viewing photos and videos in HD as well as for gaming. The 480 x 800 pixel resolution guarantees a leading quality show of whatever you use it for. The touch screen offers a great way of navigating the user interface, making use of the revolutionary and handy tile layout from the OS from Microsoft. Users can locate precisely what they’re searching for without the need of a great deal work. It’s an extremely simple to use phone, taking in consideration the incorporated levels of technology.

It could hold a virtually limitless quantity of contacts providing an ample internal phonebook and an internal memory of 8 GB for storing many files. This degree of offered internal storage generally removes the want for additional storage, as most undoubtedly 8 GB is greater than adequate for many people today.

The HTC HD7 connects towards the cellular networks by means of GPRS and EDGE, each supplied in class 32 versions, even though internet access is created via 3G coverage (where accessible) having a speed of up to 7.2 Mps. Wi-Fi can also be readily available for online connection by means of neighborhood wireless networks allowing higher speed net access. The handset connects to compatible hardware via micro USB and Bluetooth connection.

The handset boasts a 5 mega pixel digital camera which, at a pixel resolution of 2592 x 1944, requires excellent top quality nevertheless pictures. The camera involves dual LED flash, autofocus and geo-tagging which identifies (by way of GPS) the geographical place exactly where the images were taken. The camera also can be employed to shoot outstanding top quality HD video at 720p. The video footages could be simply uploaded to YouTube, as there is a dedicated client for the internet site.

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS consists of such attributes as Pocket Workplace Android Phablet (MS Office documents compatible), Bing Maps plus Twitter and Facebook integration for the satisfaction of social networking fans.

The operating program from the handset can effectively handle demanding applications with out difficulties because of the 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, supplying customers a prompt user expertise.

The HTC HD7 is usually a refreshing alternative within the smartphone market which, as much as current times, has been categorically dominated by a couple of models and very few operating systems. It’s the primary purpose why it really is such a well-known handset especially with those that are looking for one thing entirely new and something different.

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How to Configure a Tablet PC for Newbie

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These days, tablets become popular as they can be easy taking to everwhere. And there are different kinds of tablets, some of them even under 100 dollar to get it. For a person who own tablet for the first, it is very necessary to learn how to use your tablet pc.

Tablet PCs have many configuration settings that are not available on regular PCs. You can calibrate the pen with your screen. You can change if or when the computer should display the text input panel. Some styli come with an extra button that can be configured to perform any task you assign to it. The tablet PC pen can even be configured for left hand or right hand use. All of these configurations and more are located within the Windows Control Panel.

Steps to configure tablet pc

Click the “Start” menu and then “Control Panel.” When you can see “Tablet PC Settings.” You can configure all of the settings that are unique to a tablet PC from this menu. If you do not see this menu, try switching to “Classic view” or select “Show all control panel items.”Click “Calibrate” toward the middle of the screen. This menu calibrates the screen with the pen. You will be asked to use the pen to touch several cross hairs as they appear in different places on the screen.

From the “Buttons” tab at the top of the window. This menu allows you to change the functions of your tablet PC’s buttons. Any button can be changed by selecting it from the menu, clicking “Change” and delegating a new task to the button.

The first part of this menu allows you to choose if you want to use the tablet PC with your left or right hand. Menus will display in the opposite direction of the hand chosen, making them easier to see on a tablet. Click the “Go to Pen and Touch” link. This first menu allows you to change what the computer should do based on your actions with the pen.

Click any of the actions in the selection box and then “settings” to change these actions.Click the “Flicks” tab at the top of the screen. This menu allows you to change whether or not you wish to use navigational flicks with your tablet PC. Navigational flicks allow you to navigate the web or other Internet Explorer windows by flicking the pen or your finger in a certain direction. You can also select how sensitive the computer should be to your flicks. If it takes two or three flicks for the computer to react, you can change the sensitivity to “relaxed” to improve performance.

Click the “Handwriting” tab at the top of the screen. If you want the computer to learn your handwriting as you use it, leave “Use automatic learning” checked. If you do not want it to store data about your handwriting, choose the “Don’t use automatic learning” option. From the “Touch” tab at the top of the screen. This menu lets you add and change how the computer reacts to touch. Select an action you want to change and click “settings.” Click “OK” to close this menu.

Click the “Go to Input Panel Settings” link. This menu allows you to change how the text input panel reacts to virtually everything you do with it. You can select where it should appear on the screen, when it should open, if it should or should not guess what word you are writing, and even where the insert button appears on the screen. Then Click “OK” twice to save your settings. Your tablet PC is now completely configured.

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Tips to Choose the Right Tablet PC for You

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When computer came into being, it has begun to change our life. As the innovation of technology, the computer became more and more advanced from desktop to laptop to tablet PC. It is no doubt that a best tablet PC is popular with people, especially the youth for its modern design and powerful utility.


Tablet PC has the reputation of amazing mobility attribute in computer field. In order to make the study, work or entertainment more convenient, many people want to own a tablet PC to go with them everywhere. As we all known that the most advanced tablet PC : the new iPad produced by Apple Company. Though it is the best one, it is also the expensive one. Actually, when it comes to choose a tablet PC, avoid the most expensive tablet PCs unless you’re got the money to burn.


There are so many function of tablet PC in different type like WM8850 Win8 UI tablet, which will make you confuse and be difficult to make a decision. You should choose to a right tablet PC for your purpose. Now, let’s learn some suggestion to choose a right tablet PC for you.


If you decide to tablet PC, you should make the function and the price into consideration. There is no needing pay high price for the powerful function which you need not to use. If you just want to buy a cheap tablet PC, the entry-level general-purpose tablet for $59 to 199$ would be a good choice like ICOO D50 A13 android tablet. Students can bring these kinds of tablet PCs to classrooms and libraries to take a note. There is no irritation caused by waiting for trains, buses or underground trains, standing in long patient queues, as long as own the tablet PC. Because it is so mini that it is convenient to take it everywhere. You can enjoy same convenience with less money.

General-purpose tablets has 7- to 10-inch high quality touch screen, multi-megapixel cameras, 4-6 G internal storage capacity, WIFI networking, which all can meet your basic need to study or entertainment. So choose a general-purpose tablet PC with low price to enjoy the convenience brought by the advanced technology.


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Tablet from China: Cube U30gt Review

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China Cube U30gt? is very hot now, you can search the internet and find many reviews for this tablet. It seems now China tablets is popular aboard just as the cheap price.In this post, we decide to share a review about this tablet from a loalty buyer from

I just picked up my U30GT tonight. I will start this review and add to it later on. Only basic testing so far.

1. tablet is very thin and sleek looking
2. tablet has hard, white plastic back (OEM does not have any logo on tablet or white box).
3. Strong WiFi signal
4. Very nice looking IPS display
5. SD slot takes card good but little hard to press it into the slot. I was able to do this with my finger but it hurt a little pressing since I had to press somewhat hard to get the micro-SD to “click” into place.
6. Sound level is OK from 1 speaker. Sound is kinda tingy at high volume. 2 speakers would have given good or very good sound but still alright from the 1. External speakers or headphones are going to be much better for video (movies) or audio (music) playback.
7. tablet appears to work very well and fast!!!

Pictures for Cube U30GT:

1. fairly minor screen bleeding (kinda hard to see). Shows more in dark room. About 2-3 mm on the top and fairly faint. About 2 mm on the bottom and faint. In landscape mode.

2. Full market maybe missing (like all Chinese tablets) but easy to fix once U30GT is rooted. =)

1. U30GT tablet
2. 2 mini to full size USB adapters – 1 short hard cable version and another longer, bendy cable type.
3. headphones
4. European power adapter – model ZX-1220
5. USA plug adapter? – appears to be broken. Lucky I have a spare one to use.
6. Screen protector on the tablet + 2nd screen protector from Gadgetsdealer

All in all, The Tablet is very good!!! I really like U30GT and am happy with it!!! Just few minor things and would have been perfect. Faults are very minor. Weak working power button, kinda faulty working UP volume rocker, display issues (slight bleeding & 1 dead pixel), faulty USA plug adapter from PandaWill and 1 speaker (mono sound). I can live with these small drawbacks. I ended up with tablet that looks and feels very good for the price!!!

Buying Link: Cube U30gt Tablet

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What we expect to iPad Mini

After the new iPhone 5 release, all the focos now will put to the iPad Mini, A 7-inch screen with the same aspect ratio and screen resolution as on the iPad 2. Whether we can see it this year? May be.

Rumors say the iPad Mini could end up having a 7.8-inch display, making for a larger?tablet than typical 7-inchers. The iPad Mini needs to run iPad apps seamlessly out of the box, and keeping to the iPad 2′s 1,024×768-pixel resolution makes the most sense. Depending on the screen size, it shouldn’t interfere with the ability to easily use apps.


Expectations are sky-high for a fall launch of the iPad Mini. My own personal feeling is that yearly iPad debuts make the most sense, but various new iPod lines have been launched midyear and off-schedule in the past.

The perfect target for a smaller iPad would be $299. That price would let it compete directly against tablets like the Kindle Fire HD and?Google Nexus 7. It would be more expensive, but less than the $399?16GB iPad 2. In standard Apple pricing math, expect the price of the highest-configured iPad Mini to come close to or overlap with the price of the third-gen iPad.

Also there’s a question many might ask: why make a smaller iPad? Well, why make a larger Kindle Fire? Why make different iPods? A lower-priced, smaller iPad feels positioned as a secondary iPad, or an iPad best suited for kids. Expect Apple to clearly explain what an iPad Mini is best used for, and why it’s a compelling device in its own right.

iPhone 5 is already come out and iPad Mini would be not so far!!

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How to use NFC on Google Nexus 7

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A few mouths ago, you may see news through nearly all the website when Google Nexus 7 release and there is review for Nexus 7. And now it finally calm down now. I know one of them may waiting Apple new iPad, but there is still need to share some tips for Google Nexus 7. ?And this post will shows you a guide on how to use NFC on Google Nexus 7.

First, let’s learn more about what is NFC.?NFC,, short for Near Field Communication, which is essentially the evolution of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allowing NFC enabled devices to communicate with each other via radio communication. The good news is the Nexus 7 is an NFC enabled device. NFC is still gaining momentum, but the future is likely to see the growth of NFC wallets, amongst other things that don’t even exist yet, which soon we will have a use for!

how to use NFC on Google Nexus 7

Want to share something with your Nexus 7, maybe it’s an app, website or even a YouTube video. All you have to do is place both devices back to back, wait for the noise, click beam and ‘hey presto’ your Nexus 7 will receive the content. It really is that simple. If you have access to another device that is NFC enabled, give it a try. Before you do, make sure you have turned on the NFC option. To do this go to your Nexus 7 and access ‘Wireless & Networks’, via Settings and check the NFC box. Do the same on the other device.


Just remember, NFC will not help you share everything you want like music and movie. Here is a video shows you how to use NFC, if you didnot understand it from the above description.

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Samsung Launches Galaxy Note Tablet PC, Not Smartphone

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This year is the tablet launched year.? just two days ago, Samsung Electronics on 6th,August launched a new tablet PC, the Galaxy Note 10.1, in Korea, the U.S. and the U.K there area. This is? tablet PC version of the company’s hit Galaxy Note smartphone, which comes with a small stylus called the S Pen.



Samsung is apparently trying to exploit the popularity of the phone to boost its poor performance in the tablet PC market. It sold more than 10 million Galaxy Note smartphones in the nine months since it rolled it out last October.

About 200 American journalists and consumers were invited to a launch event at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan. Celebrities including Baz Luhrmann, the director of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge,” and fashion designer Zac Posen, endorsed the gadget.

Actually, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is neither a smartphone nor a tablet PC, but a product of quite a new concept Samsung Electronics has created.

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Lenovo IdeaTab S2109 Review

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Lenovo IdeaTab S2109?is the latest released tablet of Lenovo, Today we’re going to review this table.

The?Lenovo IdeaTab S2109?has an appealing $350 price, its speakers are powerful, and it sports a comfortable design with an uncluttered Android 4.0 interface. Well,??It’s not terribly expensive and even includes some useful connections for its price. At the end of the day, however, you want to buy the best product, and unfortunately, the S2109A just can’t hold a candle to other, similarly priced tablets that more clearly push the envelope in performance and features.

The tablet’s corners are more rounded and the beveled edges on the back aren’t as dramatic. These more bulbous corners keep the tablet from digging into my palms, making it more comfortable to hold with two hands. The back is made of a medium-gray plastic panel that curves around the tablet’s edge to the front, creeping a bit into the bezel.

This tablet ships with Android 4.0.4, but I didn’t notice any changes from 4.0.3, and most of the apps included on the tablet can be pulled from the Google Play store for free. File Browser, which is a handy app that allows you to directly access files on the drive, is the only notable exclusive app addition

All in all,?the Lenovo IdeaTab S2109A has an appealing price, but it can’t compete with similarly priced tablets in overall value.?However, the tablet misses the value mark with frequent app crashes, a low-resolution screen, stutter-filled movie performance, and only an average-quality camera.

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 Review

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The stylish Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 is?appraised as a breakthrough performer, it is?both high performance and high value, a rare combination in the world of Android?tablets.?Today we are going to give a detail review of this tablet.


When turn to describe the design of the tablet, the first thing that will catch your eye about the Transformer Prime is its svelte design. It measures 10.35 by 7.12 by 0.33 inches, and weighs 1.29 pounds. That’s a net reduction in size and weight from the original?Eee Pad Transformer TF101, which measured 10.7 by 6.9 by 0.5 inches, and weighed 1.4 pounds. The TF201 also ranks as among the thinnest and lightest tablets on sale to date: Only?Apple’s iPad 2(0.3 inches deep and 1.33 pounds) and?Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1(0.34 inches and 1.24 pounds) best it today.


the Transformer Prime TF201?was primed to make a performance splash. And it did, almost literally, in our objective and subjective tests. We needed to look no further than the Tegra 3-optimized game Riptide GP, which makes the splash of water droplets look realistic on the tablet’s display, to know that we were looking at the next generation of Android tablets.


Transformer Prime exceeded expectations with its 1280-by-800-pixel display.?Images looked good, too, with better colors and sharper images than on the original Transformer. That said, I observed that our test tablet appeared to have a warmer color temperature than its predecessor, which caused a yellowish cast that made some whites appear more off-white, and made skin tones appear jaundiced. Asus believes this may have been a flaw in our test unit; I’ll update this text after observing the same content on a second unit.


The rear-facing camera carries the best specs we’ve seen yet–8 megapixels–but a more pedestrian 1.2 megapixels for the front-facing camera. The rear camera has a flash and a wide-aperture f2.4 lens for shooting in low-light situations. But don’t toss your dedicated point-and-shoot just yet; some casual test images looked good, far better than those on other tablets, but they were still were noisy, even in bright daylight, and lost detail and sharpness at full resolution.

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